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Report: Dangerous Inheritance we're passing to Virginia's youth

Young adults in Virginia are experiencing hotter temperatures and more intense storms than their predecessors did in the 1970’s, according to a new report by Environment Virginia Research & Policy Center.

News Release | Environment Virginia

Threat to wildlife in focus as offshore drilling comments continue

From spills soaking sea birds in oil, to seismic exploration putting whales and dolphins at risk, each stage of offshore drilling threatens precious Atlantic marine life, says an analysis from Environment Virginia. The new document detailing the threats drilling poses to sea animals comes as federal officials hold informational meetings and take comments from the public about their proposal to allow oil and gas rigs off Virginia's coast and the rest of the southern Atlantic.

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Obama administration to put Virginia coastline, beaches at risk

Today the Obama administration proposed opening up huge swaths of the Atlantic Ocean to offshore drilling, putting large stretches of the nation’s coastline, including some of its most beloved beaches from Virginia to Georgia, at risk of a devastating spill.

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Virginians Want to Tackle Climate Change

Today marks the final day that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will accept public comments on its proposed national standard to limit dangerous carbon pollution from power plants. Since the EPA began collecting them, more than 8 million Americans have already submitted public comments, including over 210,000 comments from Virginians,