Report | Environment Virginia Research & Policy Center

Moving America Forward

American leadership in the fight against global warming is crucial. America is the world’s largest economy, the second-largest emitter of global warming pollution, and the nation responsible for more of the human-caused carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere than any other. Without prompt action by the United States and others to reduce global warming pollution, catastrophic impacts – from coastal flooding to food system disruptions – could become unavoidable.

Fortunately, even in the absence of a comprehensive response from the U.S. Congress, local and state governments and the Obama administration have taken leadership on global warming.

Report | Environment Virginia

Skating on Thin Ice

New fact sheet summarizes climate change impacts on Winter Olympic sports, highlights the need to act urgently to reduce the carbon pollution fueling global warming.

Report | Environment Virginia Research & Policy Center

Hundreds Call on President Obama to Advance Offshore Wind

In a letter to President Obama, hundreds of environmental organizations, clean energy businesses and local elected officials call on the president to take swift, bold action to advance offshore wind.

Report | Environment Virginia

Wind Energy for a Cleaner America II

Environment Virginia's new report details the economic and environmental benefits of supporting wind power and its related supply chain industries.

Report | Environment Virginia

Virginia Small Business Owners Call for Climate Action

80 small businesses across Virginia add their name to letter urging Congress to support policies that limit carbon pollution and support energy efficiency.